Did you know that Transition Town Worthing is supporting the formation of a Community Supported Agriculture scheme on our doorstep?

What is it?

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a big name for a simple idea. It’s where a community – large or small – makes a financial pledge to support a local farm. Together the farm and community share the ups and downs, risks and rewards of farming and growing – and help each other out.

By making a financial commitment to a CSA scheme, people become ‘members’. They pay for a season up-front through weekly, monthly or even annual payments. In return they receive a share of the farm’s produce.

As that history and ethos suggests, CSAs help to directly connect local farmers with their communities, and to support the development of local food supplies and culture. There are lots of benefits to becoming involved, from knowing where your food comes from to helping to develop a secure market for local producers.

The UK imports 50 % of its food, with the rise in the cost of fuel, food prices are rising. What we need is sustainably produced local food so that we can enjoy good quality fresh produced at a reasonable price.

What can I do now?

You can support the CSA by registering your interest . . . an by ordering weekly veg grown in Angmering!

If you are interested please send your name and contact details to Martin at Culberry Nursery, Dappers Lane, Angmering BN16 4EW email: mnjarvis@btinternet.com or phone 01903 784107. All veg is sold to order please email for latest list, we can arrange delivery in the Worthing area.

You can also sign up on the TTW website here: http://transitiontownworthing.ning.com/group/community-supported-agriculture

All produce grown at Culberry is compost grown and pests are controlled using natural predators and benefical insects. Because we pick to order our produce will be as fresh as possible which tastes better and contains more vitamins. We like to grow a wide range of vegetables but we will have a selection of locally grown veg as well.

CSA is helping rebuild local resilience and reduce oil dependency in our local area. It will also be an important part of our Energy Descent Action Plan. Food security is one of the fundamental aspects of the EDAP.