Inspired by a couple of poems in the Totnes EDAP book, and the work of Matt Harvey, I put on my bard’s hat one afternoon when I should have been working . . . Transition Town Worthing have since done a live performance of it, complete with shakers and a musical saw. Oh dear!

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.

Please select an option:

Lots of time,

Or GM wine?

Adults on skateboards,

Or Dr No vocal chords?

Organic peas,

Or electric SUVs?

Transition chic,

Or another giant Gulf of Mexico oil leak?

Nature-loving kids,

Or online bids?

Productive foody back gard-ons,

Or more stuff to spend credit card ons?

Embracing energy powerdown,

Or burning coal to make the sky turn brown?

Cycling to do a useful job,

Or rioting over petrol prices with an angry mob?

Learning new skills for future needs,

Or buying a packet of biotech corporation hybrid seeds?

Playing ukulele to keep amused,

Or watching your 60-inch plasma screen till your life is
used (up)?


Or dystopia,

Or Worthing Pier?

Drinking a pint of local beer,

Or a processed meal that makes you feel a bit queer?

Making the most of your one wild and precious life,

Or feeding your addiction to oil for the remainder of
your life?

Helping create a vibrant town,

Or complaining about cycles and wind turbines and
dragging me down?

Living a fruitful existence without too much fossil

Or digging a fall-out shelter in my back garden?

Seeing the A27 transformed into a dual cabbageway,

Or keeping quiet when they take another allotment away?

Whatever options we take,

Whatever way we go,

It’s life Jim,

not as we know
. It.

Steve Last, June 2010.

TTW has started a Transition Tales Group to foster stories, poems, spoof adverts of the future, agony aunt columns, and a story writing competition. I’d really like the EDAP to include as much of this element as possible to keep it firmly based within the community and to avoid it becoming a dry, boring document that no-one wants to read. Deciding what stays and what goes is another matter . . .

Cartoon by Spencer Hill