- Don't complain. Create!

Thinking about how best to present our Energy Descent Action Plan, and start building some solid connections with other groups and organisations in Worthing, the EDAP team is considering three threads.

These would be a printed version of the EDAP, setting out the vision of a transitioned Worthing along with an outline of the action plans for the key themes. The central focus of the printed EDAP is likely to be a map of the town showing numerous projects as they could be in 2030 (or thereabouts). The second version would be a short film. The reason for this is because we are trying to work out who the audience is for the EDAP, and ideally we want this to be as wide as possible rather than just a few hardcore transitioners. A short video (maybe around 20 minutes long – or less) might just engage those people who are never going to pick up a printed document. The final version is web-based and would contain much greater detail. This is to enable the action plan part of the EDAP to contain detailed backcasting and allow for a little reviewing and updating in the future.

I have recently been taking a tour through a few web-based tools to explain what an EDAP is (or might be). E-cards seem to be a possible for creating a jokey image with a message (I thought this one might appeal to a few in Worthing . . . ) especially since we no longer have a resident cartoonist to help us do this. Like Twitter, there’s a beauty in saying what you need to say in a soundbite.

We now have a committed team writing for the EDAP, but a real lack of creative/artistic types to create good visual images. But, I’m trying not to complain. Creating is actually more fun. Even with a e-card.