When you’re a member of a transition initiative, it’s very easy to lose sight of what is important in amongst all the organising of things.


It made me think that we all need to constantly remember the reasons we became interested and involved in the beginning. It also sometimes means questioning how doing what we’re doing makes us feel. If it makes us feel good, alive, excited, then that is a reason for carrying on. If on the other hand, it makes us feel overwhelmed, negative, jaded, then that should be enough to stop doing it.

Recently, I’ve spoken to several people who have felt that they have become mired in detail and managing, losing some/all of the vitality they felt when they first started. This is a pity, but only a decision that can be made by those individuals. What are the options if you find yourself in a negative spiral? Remove yourself from the situation, change the situation, or accept the situation. That is all (thanks Eckhart Tolle!)

Working towards energy descent is very challenging. It demands much and is unprecedented. There is also a tedency to feel we need to use today in order to create a better future. Well, that might be one way to think about it. What is just as important though, is what you do today. Transition implies a gradual change or shift; it is about a journey rather than a destination. Always thinking of the destination is overwhelming, and might mean you miss the journey itself.

Feeling that ‘if we don’t do it, no-one else will’ is also something I’ve heard recently. Transition Towns are often caught up in this thinking: too few people trying to do too many things. This often then becomes the main reason for taking on too much, or feeling anxious that the whole organisation is going to fall apart if you stop doing this or that. Well, there are times when you need to just say ‘no’. Not all grand schemes happen, and recognising when it’s time to let go of something that isn’t working is not just important, it’s often a way to regain your focus and feel happy again. Anything really important won’t fall apart and anything that goes is not important. This is personal resilience.

I feel like I’ve had to learn most of this the hard way, and have gained much in the process.