About me

My name is Steve Last. I have been involved in Transition since reading the Transition Handbook in summer 2008.

After attending Training for Transition in Brighton in May 2009, I helped establish Transition Town Worthing (TTW). I was immediately attracted to Transition because of its emphasis on community, the concept of peak oil, and the focus on the psychology of change.

For three years I was involved with TTW, giving talks, helping set up groups,making videos, editing the monthly newsletter (Post Carbon Gazette), and running the website. Then in Summer 2011 everything changed: I became a father.

I had to shift my priorities in a big way. As a result, I had months away from TTW and went through my own transition. Attending meetings and running events in Worthing was just not going to happen, because I now had parental responsibilities. Worthing was five miles away from where I live, and often meant a 20 minute car journey . . .

My response was to focus on two themes. The first is this blog, Energy Descent for Beginners, which has been started to explore the concept of energy descent and how it might work in somewhere like Worthing (population 100,000) or Findon (population 2,000). The second is to set up Trasnsition Findon. Well, when I say ‘set up’ I actually mean starting a Twitter account and making some contacts. It’s got to begin somewhere.



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