Since beginning Transition Town Worthing in 2009, virtually every public event has had some element of gaining opinions and ideas from those attending about how the town might change in the future.

All of the awareness raising events have included films such as End of Suburbia, Power of Community, The Story of Stuff, The Turning Point, and so on, followed by discussion and input from people. A big part of this input was developing a Transition Timeline. This enabled people to add ideas on changes to Worthing between the present and 2030.

Where we are at the moment is partway through a schedule to develop the timeline and ultimately write and publish an Energy Descent Action Plan.

EDAP Workshop, 16th March 2011

Worthing’s Energy Descent Action Plan outline: 2010 to 2012

  1. 2010/2011 Events: Visioning & timeline
  2. Jan/Feb: Oral histories
  3. 16th March: launch of EDAP project
  4. 29th March: Crash Course
  5. April/May: Baseline data
  6. May: TTW Groups to develop timelines
  7. May: Worthing Food Mapping
  8. 12th June: Launch of Transition Tales creative writing competition
  9. 12th June: Can You Imagine Worthing in 2030?
  10. June/July: Develop EDAP video material
  11. June/July: Explore funding &/or publishing options
  12. 16th July: Worthing Energy Fair
  13. July/August: Oral Histories Project and Film
  14. Autumn 2011 onwards: workshops to develop EDAP (e.g. World Cafe)
  15. Winter: First draft; produce Worthing EDAP video
  16. Early 2012: ongoing public events to raise awareness and profile of EDAP
  17. Spring 2012: Second draft
  18. Summer 2012: set up Worthing EDAP website
  19. Late 2012: Publish EDAP and celebrate!
It’s an ambitious schedule, but there’s already a huge amount of possible content that needs editing. And, let’s face it, Worthing needs a plan!