About this blog

We are all beginners.

I started this blog to explore the scenario of energy descent.

The challenges are peak oil, climate change and economic meltdown. The response is for communities to find their feet and their voices and look at ways to embrace energy descent. This means moving from a time of abundant energy to one in which we have less available energy at our fingertips. This is the first time in history that humans have had to contemplate a future with a shrinking source of energy.

But let’s not get too negative here.  Change can be a force for good and positive solutions, new momentum, working together, and building new relationships. Transition is all about CHANGE, and Transition towns and villages provide possibly our best bet for responding to these challenges. Although this blog will relate to the two Transition communities I have been involved with (Transition Findon and Transition Town Worthing, both in West Sussex, UK), it will also try to grapple with a much wider range of energy descent-related issues and locations.

We are not experts. Energy descent is a new situation. That’s why I decided to call this blog ‘Energy Descent for Beginners’


Cartoon by Spencer Hill


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